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Quad Area Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

Quad Area CAA Weatherization Assistance Program is a Government Grant Program and is operated out of our main office in Hammond, LA.

We currently provide Weatherization services in 19 parishes, including: Ascension, Assumption, East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, West Feliciana, St. Helena, Iberville, Livingston, Orleans, St. Charles, St. James, St. John, Tangipahoa, Washington, Jefferson, St. Tammany, St. Bernard, and Plaquemine parish.

Weatherization Assistance Program is FREE to those who qualify. Since our program started in 1976, we’ve treated every client like they were a part of our family.  We would love the opportunity to serve you as part of our family! Contact us today to see if you apply!

Community Impact

Weatherization helps revitalize communities by spurring economic growth and reducing environmental impacts.


  1. Reduces the export of local energy dollars and keeps more money in the community.

  2. Improves energy affordability, making housing more affordable. This reduces cases of homelessness and frequent force mobility and lowers demand for public assistance.

  3. Decreases electricity generation and resulting pollution. This improves local air quality and reduces adverse health effects, particularly asthma.

  4. Reduces demand for imported oil. Decreases national energy consumption by the equivalent of 18 million barrels of oil annually.

Energy Impact

Weatherization alleviates the heavy burden on low-income households and helps them become self sufficient. 

Weatherization measures:

  1. Create average energy savings of $413 per year.

  2. Are "locked" into the home and continue to save money and energy every year.

  3. Improve health and safety by eliminating energy-related hazards.

  4. Cooling costs are significantly reduced.

Weatherization Benefits

The Weatherization Assistance Program works to...

  1. Reduce energy costs and alleviate high energy burden for low-income families

  2. Decrease the nation's energy consumption and reduce dependence on imported oil

  3. Improve local air quality and avoid green house gas emissions

  4. Provide economic boost in low-income communities

  5. Educate consumers in energy efficiency practices

Weatherization Services

Weatherization crews use computerized energy audits and diagnostic equipment, such as blower door, manometer, or infrared camera, to determine the most cost-effective measures appropriate for each home. Typical measures include installing insulation in the walls and attics; reduces air infiltration and pressure imbalances; sealing and repairing ductwork; and tuning and repairing heating and cooling units.

How Do I Apply:

To apply contact your local office. See our office locations on the far right of this page. Below is the required documentation for all applications to be processed.

  1. Provide Proof of Income from the past 30 day period (i.e.weekly, biweekly, or monthly pay stub)

  2. Provide copy of your Social Security Cards for all family members

  3. Provide copy of state ID or driver’s license for the Head of Household only

  4. Provide current copy of utility bill (gas, electric, propane, etc.)

  5. Return all requested documentation with the completed application.

Welcome to Quad Weatherization...

Meet our Team...We’re Committed To Helping You!

L to R: Robert Payne, Brandon Hymel, Brian Oddo, Morgan Payne, Margaret Gaudin, Aaron Mayeux, and Todd Davis

Quad Area CAA, Inc.

45300 N. Baptist Rd., Hammond, LA  70401

Ph: 225-567-2350 • Fx: 225-567-2630

or Ph: 225-209-0780 • Fx: 225-209-0781

Hours: 8am -4:30pm Monday -Friday


West Feliciana Parish

12292 Jackson Rd.

St. Francisville, LA 70775

(225) 635-0063  • Fax (225) 635-0095

Joyce Mullen, Contact Person

East Feliciana Parish

12119 St. Helena St., Clinton, LA 70722

(225) 683-3308 • Fax (225) 683-3608

Sandra Baker, Contact Person

St. Helena Parish

369 Sitman Street, Greensburg, LA 70441

(225) 222-6100 • Fax (225) 222-6124

Charlotte Cornish, Contact Person

Washington Parish

1134 Bene St., Suite 3, Franklinton, LA 70438

(985) 795-9088 • Fax (985) 795-9089

Annie Grace, Contact Person

Livingston Parish

20140 Iowa St., Livingston, LA 70726

(225) 686-3811 • Fax (255) 686-3812

Bobbie Jo Guerin, Contact Person

Ascension Parish

717 East Ascension, Ste. E, Gonzales, LA 70737

(225) 644-8532 • Fax (225) 644-0109

Henkie Gordon, Contact Person

More than 6,000,000 homes have been weatherized across the U.S. since inception of the Weatherization Assistance Program in 1976.

Program Operation

Louisiana Housing Corporation, (LHC) works in partnership with local-level agencies to implement the Program. The Department of Energy (DOE) awards grants to state-level agencies, which then contract with local agencies. Weatherization programs operate in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and among Native American tribes. Local agencies deliver weatherization services to eligible residents in every parish in the state.


The Program prioritizes services to the elderly, people with disabilities, and families with children. "High energy consumers" or households with a high energy burden may also receive priority.

East Baton Rouge, Iberville

& West Baton Rouge Parishes

45300 N. Baptist Rd., Hammond, LA 70401

225-209-0724 • Fax 225-209-0781

Jerry Hughes, Sr., Contact Person

Orleans & River Parishes

(Orleans, Assumption, St. Charles, St. James, & St. John)

45300 N. Baptist Rd., Hammond, LA 70401

225-209-0724 • Fax 225-209-0781

Jerry Hughes, Sr., Contact Person

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Tangipahoa Parish

45300 N. Baptist Rd., Hammond, LA 70401

(225) 567-2350   Fax (225) 567-2630

Naomi Hayden, Contact Person


302 Avenue F, Kentwood, LA 70444

(985) 229-6229 Monday and Friday

Debbie Butler, Contact Person


Jefferson, St. Tammany,

St. Bernard, and Plaquemine Parish

45300 N. Baptist Rd., Hammond, LA 70401

Ph: 225-209-0780

Robert Payne, Program Director

Margaret Gaudin, Assistant Program Director








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WITH REQUESTED DOCS!QuadWeatherization_files/WAP%20Form%2007_2019%20E_1.pdf

Contact Information

Any questions or concerns please call us at (225) 209-0780, or call your local office as shown on the right side panel. We'd be happy to assist you.

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Program is federally funded through Dept. Of Energy (doe) and administrated by louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC)

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