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Office Locations

Tangipahoa Parish - Main Office

45300 N. Baptist Rd., Hammond, LA 70401

(225) 567-2350   Fax (225) 567-2630


302 Avenue F, Kentwood, LA 70444

(985) 229-6229 • Fax (985) 229-2746

Monday and Friday

West Feliciana Parish

12292 Jackson Rd.

St. Francisville, LA 70775

(225) 635-0063  • Fax (225) 635-0095

East Feliciana Parish

12119 St. Helena St., Clinton, LA 70722

(225) 683-3308 • Fax (225) 683-3608

St. Helena Parish

369 Sitman Street, Greensburg, LA 70441

(225) 222-6100 • Fax (225) 222-6124

Washington Parish

1134 Bene St., Suite 3, Franklinton, LA 70438

(985) 795-9088 • Fax (985) 795-9089

Livingston Parish

20140 Iowa St., Livingston, LA 70726

(225) 686-3811 • Fax (255) 686-3812

Ascension Parish

717 East Ascension, Ste. E, Gonzales, LA 70737

(225) 644-8532 • Fax (225) 644-0109




West Feliciana Emergency

Quad Area's West Feliciana Office offers emergency assistance for the following services when funds are available:

Helping Hands

 Offers assistance to cover payments to prevent disconnects of your utility services. this service is available based on funding.  Please contact us to see if funding is available. When funding is available, Applications can be taken everyday.

ATMOS Energy Share-the-Warmth

QUAD AREA - ATMOS Energy’s “Share the Warmth” Program can offer assistance with your Atmos Energy Account in any of the following ways:

  1. assist in Paying PAST DUE DEBT

  2. assist in Paying DEPOSITS

  3. assist in Paying SERVICE CHARGES

  4. assist in Paying for GAS LINE REPAIRS

  5. assist in Paying TO GET YOU RECONNECTED

  6. assist in Paying TO KEEP YOU CONNECTED

Eligibility Requirements and Required Documentation:

  1. Valid ID

  2. Atmos Energy bill or account number (bill must be in applicant’s name)

  3. Proof of Income for all family members (Paycheck stubs, SSA, SSI, retirement, etc.)

  4. Social Security Cards for all family members

  5. Must not have received 3 “Share the Warmth” pledges in last the 12 Month


Call your local Quad Area office to see if funding is available. If so, ask to set an appointment to see if you qualify.

                      Quad Area HOME        Contact us      

Quad Area CAA, Inc.

45300 N. Baptist Rd., Hammond, LA  70401

Ph: 225-567-2350 • Fx: 225-567-2630

Hours: 8am -4:30pm Monday - Friday

  1. Medicine (must provide prescription & cost of medicine from pharmacy)

  2. Medical needs other than medicine

  3. Rent (must provide eviction notice with landlord and tenants name, address and phone number)

  4. Mortgage Payments (must provide foreclosure notice or 2 months behind)

  5. Utilities up to $250 (electric, gas, water must provide disconnect notice and proof of payment for the difference if the bill is over $250)

  6. Emergency Shelter

  7. Emergency Transportation

  8. Emergency Food

West Feliciana residents can call (225) 635-0063 to set up an appointment or to get more information.

Please do not wait to the day of the disconnect. To ensure continuation of services, apply as soon as you receive a disconnect notice.

NOTE: If you have no income you need to bring a statement from whoever is helping you with your bills.(Name, address, telephone number and how much they give you each month.)


Once your application has been processed and approved,we will send a pledge to your provider that your bill will be paid. This should ensure continuation of services if you have applied in time.

To apply the following 

Information will be needed:   

  1. Valid Driver's License or State Picture ID

  2. Social Security Cards for everyone in Household

  3. Disconnect Notice

  4. Proof of Income (Recent Monthly Income, Awards Letter or Current Food Stamp Printout For everyone in the household.)

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